"Teaching Baseball Fundamentals and a Work Ethic that Lasts a Lifetime"

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FCA Huddle

Wiffleball TournamentSunday, ​April 23rd

at Champs Field


​1. Caucasian Invasion             6. DC Sluggers                          11. Gordonskis

2. The Sluggers                       7. The Assassins                       12. Young and the Restless 

3. 15U Hoover 1                      8. The Godfather's                     13. OSB

4. 15U Hoover 2                      9. Incredibly Average                 14. 14th Team

5. Skid Marks                         10. Da Bomb Squad


Game 1:      11:00am

Field 1:  DC Sluggers v. The Godfather's

Field 2:  The Assassins v. 14th Team

Field 3:  Caucasian Invasion v. OSB

Field 4:  Skid Marks v. Incredibly Average

Field 5:  The Sluggers v. Young and the Restless

Field 6:  15U Hoover 2 v. Da Bomb Squad

Field 7:  15U Hoover 1 v. Gordonskis

Game 2:     11:45am

Field 1:  The Assassins v. The Godfather's

Field 2:  Caucasian Invasion v. 14th Team

Field 3:  DC Sluggers v. Incredibly Average

Field 4:  OSB v. The Sluggers

Field 5:  Skid Marks v. Da Bomb Squad

Field 6:  15U Hoover 1 v. Young and the Restless

Field 7:  15U Hoover 2 v. Gordonskis

Game 3:     12:30pm

Field 1:  Caucasian Invasion v. Young and the Restless

Field 2:  Skid Marks v. The Godfather's 

Field 3:  DC Sluggers v. The Assassins

Field 4:  OSB v. 14th Team

Field 5:  The Sluggers v. Gordonskis

Field 6:  15U Hoover 2 v. Incredibly Average

Field 7:  15U Hoover 1 v. Da Bomb Squad

​Play offs will start shortly after the last game.  It will be single elimination in play offs!

8U -17U Travel Baseball Programs For Youth Players in Southwest Michigan

The next huddle will be Wednesday, April 26th.  Click here for the materials about the next session

"Old School Baseball Academy" is based in Niles, Michigan and provides a travel baseball experience for players of various skill levels and age brackets.  Each team is constructed such that every player has the opportunity to learn baseball fundamentals within a team environment and is coached by experienced instructors.  The organization aims to provide as much "live game" experience as possible by entering as many tournaments as the players desire and as the organization's economics allow.  Old School Baseball Academy also aims to provide players with unique tournament opportunities that would not otherwise be available in southwest Michigan.  To achieve this goal, the organization supplements the individual financial contributions of players' parents with donations from local entrepreneurs who share in the players' love for the game.

A large part of the OSB philosophy focuses on the development of our players both on and off the field. The last Wednesday of each month we will be holding an hour long youth group event at the Morris Chapel (1560 Morris Dr - Niles). Sportsmanship, staying cool under pressure, academics and giving back to the community are just a few areas that we will discuss.  All ages are welcome!